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From March to May 2020, Lincoln hosted weekly Coronavirus Task Force calls to help the largest healthcare providers in the country – across health systems, skilled nursing, home care and senior living – manage and lead through the outbreak. One of our goals was to widely disseminate our findings, and you will find the top resources that came out of the task force calls below.

COVID-19 Modeling Tools & Reports

U.S. Coronavirus Surge Model
A simple model to help predict the weekly size of the coronavirus surge.
By David Ellis, Founder, Lincoln Healthcare Leadership

U.S. Coronavirus Surge Forecast
An analysis of our surge model with a simulation.
By David Ellis, Founder, Lincoln Healthcare Leadership

IHME Projections
Projected hospital resource use based on COVID-19 deaths.
By Christopher Murray, Professor, IHME Director, Chair, Department of Health Metrics Sciences

Coronavirus – Worldometer
Live statistics tracking the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, recovered patients, and death toll by country.

Weill Cornell Medicine Regional Hospital Caseload Calculator
This tool helps health care providers assimilate information and facilitate effective treatment for suspected, confirmed and convalescent cases.
By N. Hupert, J. Cuomo and D. Wattson

COVID-19 Ventilator Decision Tree
A decision tree to prompt ventilator decisions, and a breakdown of ventilator options.
Source: Lafayette General Health

Government & Policy

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act: Questions & Answers
Frequently asked questions about the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic (CARE) Act, as it relates to hospitals and health systems.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Information Sheet: Borrowers
Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) authorizes up to $349 billion in forgivable loans to small businesses to pay their employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Application Form
Application form for the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”).

Payroll Protection Plan Loan: Supporting Document Checklist
Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) Supporting Document Checklist.

Additional Resources

CHEST Guideline - Care of the Critically Ill and Injured During Pandemics and Disasters
This supplement provides suggestions for a disaster or pandemic with multiple critically ill patients, including front-line clinicians, hospital administrators, and government officials.
By: Michael D. Christian, Asha V. Devereaux, Jeffrey R. Dichter, Lewis Rubinson, Niranjan Kissoon

Ventilator Sharing Protocol: Dual-Patient Ventilation
A document describing the risks and safety precautions associated with dual-patient ventilation.

Source: Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons; New York-Presbyterian Hospital

SHOPP Analysis of PPE Costs
SHOPP (The Society for Healthcare Organization Procurement Professionals) has compiled this analysis of emergency, unfunded, marginal PPE costs incurred by SNFS treating COVID-19 patients based on current market pricing and CDC guidelines, per CMS’ April 2nd, 2020 guidance.

Know What to Do Guide - Staff Symptoms
Steps to take when staff members start showing symptoms of COVID-19 or influenza.
By Kevin O'Neil, MD, CMO, Affinity Living Group

Know What to Do Guide - Resident Symptoms
Steps to take when residents start showing symptoms of COVID-19 or influenza.
By Kevin O'Neil, MD, CMO, Affinity Living Group

Recommended Reading

As part of our research, these are the articles we have found to be most helpful and compelling in understanding the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Use of Drop Teams in PALTC in the Wake of COVID-19
Article on the drop team concept being used to support providers with education, training and PPE, plus the slide deck MultiCare Health System presented to their SNF partners.

The Moral Meaning of the Plague
By David Brooks, New York Times

Coronavirus Limbo: Seniors Need to Leave Hospitals but Some Nursing Homes Won’t Let Them Return
By Katie Mettler & Jennifer Oldham, Washington Post

Coronavirus Patients Caught In Conflict Between Hospital And Nursing Homes
By Judith Graham, Kaiser Health News

Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance
By Tomas Pueyo, Medium

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now
By Tomas Pueyo, Medium

Worst-Case Estimates for U.S. Coronavirus Deaths
By Sheri Fink, NY Times

Let's Get Prepared for COVID-19
By James Lawler, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Nebraska

Addressing COVID-19 Face Mask Shortages
By Amy Price, DPhil (Oxon) and Larry Chu, MD, Stanford Medicine

Healthcare 400 Coronavirus Taskforce: U.S. Surge Forecast Summary
Summary of a March 24 conference call for leaders of the largest U.S. providers – health systems, skilled nursing, home care and hospice, and senior living – to estimate the size and timing of the COVID-19 surge.
By David Ellis, Founder & Tim Craig, VP, Lincoln Healthcare Leadership

Resources From Our Partners

These are some of the valuable products/services coming from our sponsor community to help healthcare providers during this time.

CareGrove Now Solution
CareGrove launched a payment platform to equip senior living communities to immediately accept safer methods of payment such as debit cards, credit cards, and ACH from remote locations, rather than requiring full-contact forms of payments.
From: CareGrove

How to Prepare for COVID-19 and Influenza: Training & Resources
Relias has a free digital toolkit which contains a COVID-19 live webinar series, unlimited access to courses on infection and telehealth, and up-to-date publication articles on preparedness and prevention.
From: Relias

Skilled Nursing & Senior Living Covid-19 Response & Resource Guide
An at-a-glance guide for skilled nursing and senior living sectors, with additional resource links.
From: Health Dimensions Group

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Interim Guidance for Healthcare Facilities
Healthcare Academy (HCA) launched this course to support providers' efforts to protect organizations and residents by empowering staff with knowledge.
From: Healthcare Academy

Coronavirus Updates
News and insight on COVID-19 and its effect on society's foundational institutions.
From: KaufmanHall

Live Content to Support Senior Housing Residents
Eversound is helping Senior Housing communities’ residents cope with social distancing by accelerating the launch of our new offering; live-streamed, interactive, and on-demand programming, on a variety of topics, that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your community.
From: Eversound

Rapid-deploy solutions for new patient care areas
STANLEY Healthcare has all-inclusive bundles that can be deployed quickly to help hospitals stand up new patient care areas. Solutions include wireless nurse call; real-time location of ventilators, pumps and other equipment; patient and staff tracking; and clinical inventory management for visibility into on-hand inventory and usage patterns of vital supplies (masks, gloves, testing kits, etc.).
From: Stanley Healthcare

Envision Healthcare's COVID-19 Clinical Updates
Specialty-specific resources related to caring for patients with COVID-19.
From: Envision Healthcare

Facing COVID-19: Insights from Front-Line Healthcare Teams
A summary of the latest guidelines and best practices from public health authorities and clinical teams across the country, in addition to a general guidance and preparedness checklist.
From: Vituity

Managing Through Times of Uncertainty
Practical guidance from industry leaders at Kronos for supporting employee well-being and maintaining productivity.
From: Kronos

Content for Senior Living Communities During COVID-19
Touchtown is offering free resources, consultation and services (case-by-case) until communities are reopened.
From: Touchtown

Fully Managed Emergency Response Application
Equip management and employees with Emergency Response Management tools that can keep up with the speed of outbreaks like Covid-19.
From: CareWorx Fully Manage

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) On-Site Home Hemodialysis
Minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for dialysis patients by eliminating the need to transport SNF residents to dialysis clinic with Onsite Hemodialysis (HHD) option.
From: NxStage, Fresenius Medical Care

Free Predictive Model for COVID-19
Lumeris’s open source COVID-19 predictive analytics identifies patients at high risk of hospitalization due to existing conditions, who are also at risk for severe disease and death due to coronavirus infection.
From: Lumeris

Siemens Healthineers COVID-19 Response
Siemens Healthineers is committed to providing the best possible support to healthcare providers at each stage of COVID-19 patient care: diagnosis, prognosis, therapy and follow-up.
From: Siemens Healthineers

Resources to Help Healthcare Organizations Navigate COVID-19 Business Disruption
Huron has assembled the educational resources you need to address the most pressing challenges your organization is facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
From: Huron

Free Telehealth During COVID-19 for Hospice Agencies
BetterRX, a technology-driven pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), is working with Doxy.me, a secure telemedicine solution, to help hospices provide HIPAA-and CMS-compliant virtual visits during the COVID-19 pandemic at no cost.
From: BetterRX & Doxy.me

Technology to Help Meet the Demand for Ontario Physicians Fighting COVID-19
See how BookJane is addressing the Physician Shortage and filling demand gaps.
From: BookJane

4 Tips for Senior Housing Sales Counselors During Covid-19
How to Engage with Sales Leads When “In Person” Is Not an Option
From: Glynn Devins

7 Tips for Marketing During COVID-19
Marketing & Communications Tips for Senior Living Communities During COVID-19
From: Glynn Devins

Digital Update: Pivot Now To Alternate Review Sites
Google Announces They Are Blocking Consumer Reviews During the COVID-19 Outbreak
From: Glynn Devins

Protect Your Patients, Staff, and Revenues with the MedBridge COVID-19 Toolkit
A comprehensive resource center designed to help healthcare organizations reduce anxieties and continue to deliver effective patient care, this toolkit includes: free infection prevention compliance courses, COVID-19 regulatory and business webinars, education to help keep staff and patients healthy and whole, and our newest Telehealth Virtual Visits solution.
From: MedBridge

Consensus COVID-19
Consensus by J2 Global launched a free Patient Query service during the COVID-19 crisis to enable providers to prioritize and make better decisions at the point of care for patients.
From: J2 Global

CHAP: Your COVID-19 Care Resource
Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) serves as a resource for community-based organizations to obtain up-to-date information on caring for COVID-19 patients. Resources include weekly conference calls, COVID-19 hot-line number for immediate questions, weekly FAQs, COVID-19 caregiver instructions in English and Spanish, and multiple free webinars.
From: CHAP

Employee Contact Tracing Tool Datasheet
The datasheet explains how you can use your Kronos system to quickly identify employees potentially exposed to COVID-19.
From: Kronos

ERDMAN Insights
Opportunities for loans, grants, and mechanisms to stabilize cash flows are important elements in the federal government’s response to COVID-19. ERDMAN is monitoring funding opportunities for hospitals, long-term care facilities, and medical practices, and will periodically issue updates as new information is available.

Solutions For Accelerating Post COVID-19 Recovery
The emergency of COVID-19 has introduced a new set of challenge to healthcare organizations. Emerging from this crisis in the strongest position possible and returning to more normalized operations quickly will require deliberate recovery strategies.
From: Avantas