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Business Analyst
Lincoln Healthcare Leadership, a producer of conferences and healthcare intelligence for C-level healthcare executives, seeks a healthcare analyst to join our growing healthcare analytics team.

Company in Brief
Lincoln Healthcare Leadership produces five annual conferences in healthcare services, currently spanning five sectors: hospitals, nursing homes, senior living, home care and healthcare disrupters/private equity. Our conferences serve top-tier audiences – primarily C-level management of the leading providers or players in each segment. With the onset of coronavirus, we are launching a new subscription-model business in healthcare intelligence, delivered via multiple vehicles – weekly electronic newsletters, monthly webinars, periodic zoom calls, an online forum and annual conferences.

Since 1998, Lincoln has developed a reputation for best-in-class conferences in content, in C-level networking, and in quality of experience. As we move into valuable analytic content, Lincoln’s vision to provide exceptional healthcare intelligence and exceptional leadership networking will be meaningfully enhanced. As will our mission, which is: to inspire excellence in leadership, strategy and innovation, and to help healthcare providers accelerate towards value (higher quality/lower cost).

We have about 25 employees and are based in Southport, CT.

The Analyst Role

Coronavirus has sparked a sea change among our healthcare clients: they want more business insights, more sharing, more frequently. Hence the launch of our “Lincoln Intelligence Group” business. Each intelligence group will have one healthcare analyst who is responsible for delivering content (and connecting leaders) through multiple channels: electronic newsletter, conference calls, phone calls, online forum and conference seminar sessions (the latter in conjunction with our conference education team). Conceptually, our analysts aim to do three things: 1) share best practices and innovations; 2) develop business strategy and leadership insights; and 3) recommend strategic innovation.

How we develop our own analytic expertise? With deep institutional knowledge of healthcare, Lincoln’s leaders will train you quickly. And, as a team of analysts, we brainstorm together and test/refine our theses and ideas. We read, research, follow trends, track healthcare policy changes, attend conferences, and think. We learn about

multiple sources that impact healthcare providers: insurance payers, government reimbursement policy and regulations, consumers, equity investors, and technological change. And, perhaps most importantly, we have long-developed relationships and systematic conversations with C-level executives of 100 leading providers in each sector – from these strategic conversations is where our freshest learning germinates.

Travel for this position typically includes (under normal, non-COVID circumstances) 6 to 8 multi-day trips per year.

This role has exceptional career track potential at Lincoln should you wish to rise in management and take on P&L responsibility.

Experience and Qualities Desired

All else being equal, Lincoln prefers ability over experience. If you have the qualities we seek, we will train you. Don’t be put off if you don’t have a healthcare background. Healthcare is complex and going through deep economic changes that will span the next decade, at least – which is why we mainly seek very talented people to help us figure it out and what it means for our CEO clients.

These are the most important qualities we seek:

Analytic ability. Are you a strong conceptual thinker? Can you synthesize, analyze, see the forest through the trees? Do you try to understand the “why” as well as the “what”?

Enthusiasm/drive. Are you eager to learn? To develop yourself into one of the most respected analysts in a sector of healthcare? Are you willing to dive in and immerse yourself in this role?

Business sense. Do you understand business? The policy and clinical parts of healthcare are important, but our clients are CEOs of large businesses – understanding the business drivers of the enterprise and the perspective from the CEO seat are what’s most important.

High Standards. We expect that, once trained, you will take full ownership of your deliverables and produce very high-quality products.

Writing ability. In this role, you will need to be able to write clearly and concisely. CEOs have very focused attention and limited time. Say it concisely and say it well.

Teamwork. There is a team element to this role as well. Be smart but get along well with analyst, education, and conference colleagues, too.

About Our Culture

Lincoln staff work hard, strive for excellence, and find what we do meaningful and enjoyable. The work environment is collaborative, and our team members are given a great deal of autonomy to achieve their goals. We expect a high level of commitment

from our employees, and in return we aim to be an equally worthy employer. We believe in continually developing employees’ skills and fostering career growth. We offer flexible hours, competitive compensation and health benefits, and very progressive policies in vacation time, parental leave and sabbatical leave.

We proudly contribute 1% of total revenues each year - through our LincolnCares program - to charitable organizations chosen by our employees.


This position offers a competitive compensation package (salary plus incentive pay) depending on one’s prior professional and educational experience.

Promising backgrounds can be a field of healthcare, for example: management consulting; strategic planning; brand management; marketing; media/journalism/social media; financial services; corporate analyst/government analyst; accounting; legal.

An MBA, JD or other extended graduate degree is a plus.

Please submit cover letter, resume and desired salary to: careers@lincolnhc.com

Only submissions with a cover letter and salary requirements will be considered