Lincoln Healthcare Group
an education and group-networking company
Advancing Management Excellence in Healthcare
Founded in 1998, the Lincoln Healthcare Group is an independent organizer of executive leadership communities in healthcare.
Our Mission
Lincoln Healthcare Group's mission is to advance excellence in leadership, strategy, innovation and best practices among leading U.S. healthcare providers, thereby helping to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our healthcare system.
Segment-Focused Forums
We currently offer seven sector-specific conferences and one cross-sector conference for senior-level executives involved in:
Cross Sector Conference:
  • HCap — Healthcare Services & Capital Conference is for C-level executives from healthcare providers from all sectors, product and service providers, private equity & venture capital firms, and financial providers and advisory services.
Cross-Sector Advisory Service:
Advisory Services
Lincoln Intelligence Group
Proud Supporter - Associate Business Member - American Health Care Association / National Center for Assisted Living
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